2019 Board Members

BerlinpicKristine Rezai, President

I studied Engineering Physics at Cal and graduated in the Class of 2015.  Graduate school brought me out to the Boston area where I am currently pursuing a PhD in physics at Harvard.

Favorite spot on campus

I love meeting new people, and by living in International House my last two years, I formed friendships with peers from around the world.  International House remains my favorite spot on campus due to this intercultural exchange.

Best Cal memory

Watching the sun set behind the Golden Gate Bridge almost every evening is something I will never forget!

Eric GuoEric Guo, Treasurer

I majored in Chemical Biology at Cal and graduated in 2008. After graduation I moved to the East coast to pursue my PhD in Molecular Biology at Yale. In 2015 I came to Boston to continue my research training at MIT. My experience at Berkeley was nothing but amazing!

Favorite spot on campus

My favorite spot on campus is the ob­ser­va­tion deck on top of the campanile (I miss those beautiful views).

Best Cal memory

My best memory from Cal is the time spent with my friends having fun together!

Anita Ranade, Communications Chair


matthewMatthew Turner, Sports Chair

Class of 2014. Engineering Physics. I grew up in Southern Californian in Lakewood (near Long Beach.) I was heavily involved in the Regents’ and Chancellor’s Scholars Association, teaching the E98 DeCal for Freshman Engineering students, and physics research. I am now a PhD candidate in the physics department at Harvard.

Favorite spot on campus

When studying for finals I would always go to the top floor of the C.V. Starr East Asian Library, sit next to one of the windows and look out over Memorial Glade while looking over my notes and various problem sets.

Best Cal memory
There are a lot of great memories. What I really enjoyed about Berkeley is that there wasn’t just one amazing memory that defined my experience there, but instead it was a constant flow of joyful experiences that is representative of my time.


Janet McCormick, Scholarship Chair


lisa_wangLisa Wang, Old Blues Co-Chair

Class of 1989.  I attended CAL as a Regent’s/Chancellor’s scholar and received a B.S. in Chemistry from the College of Chemistry.  Graduate studies in organic chemistry brought me to the Boston area to pursue a Ph.D at MIT. In 2004, after many years absence, I moved back to Boston to work in the vibrant biotech/pharma/life sciences industry and quickly became an active member of CACNE.  Currently, I work in marketing, leading a team of product managers in support of the clinical and educational microscopes businesses in the Americas for Olympus.

Favorite spot on campus
My favorite spot on campus is the base of the Campanile from where I enjoyed the panoramic view of downtown San Francisco and the Golden Gate Bridge.  I often passed in front of Leconte and the Campanile between classes, stopping to take in the view.   Seeing the fog roll in or watching the sun setting behind the Golden Gate bridge were especially beautiful moments.
Best Cal memory
It’s hard to choose from so many great memories! As a college senior, I applied to be a graduate TA for Chem 8A/B and was initially disappointed that I did not get selected.   However, right after that notification, Professor Joel Hawkins approached me and asked  if I would be his TA for his graduate level physical organic chemistry course.  It was quite an honor  to be an undergraduate TA for a grad student class, and this experience turned out to be highly influential in guiding the direction of my graduate studies.

Amy S. Yee, Old Blues Co-Chair

1980, Biochemistry. I grew up in Sacramento and San Francisco. I hail from a large extended family of Cal alumni—and we all appreciate how the varied Cal experience has shaped our lives. I am a full professor in Developmental Molecular and Chemical Biology (what used to be Biochemistry) at Tufts University School of Medicine in downtown Boston. My lab works on Wnt signaling in breast cancer and few other diseases (epilepsy, colitis/colon cancer). I have been through the whole process from PhD, postdoc, assistant professor, tenure—while trying to balance work and family. To the Old Blues chair, I bring many diverse perspectives: professor, mentor, researcher and mom. I hope that CACNE will be a place where young and old Blues alike can come together for interesting activities and forums.

Favorite spot on campus

Sproul Plaza exemplifies the diversity that is Cal.

Best Cal memory
Interacting with many eminent professors—and then learning later that they were all leaders in their fields. I had a great undergraduate research mentor (the late Daniel Koshland), but also had wonderful political science, history and English classes.

General: Bobby Sullivan